Advertise with Andhrajyothy Newspaper

Advertise with Andhrajyothy Newspaper

The andhrajyothy is one of the oldest Telugu language daily newspapers in India. It may sold mainly in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is also the third largest circulated Telugu language daily newspaper in India.

Classified Display Ads at Andhrajyothy

When you advertise your business with andhrajyothy, you can assured of maximum visibility to your brand. This newspaper caters to a large audience and it is the best platform to achieve your marketing goals. Moreover, it is the most affordable medium of advertising in Indian newspapers. It also offers enhanced ads and has a variety of enhancement options that can be added to your advertisement for a fee.

Rates for Andhrajyothy Newspaper Ad

There are different rates for andhrajyothy newspaper ad, depending on the category of the advertisement. This newspaper publishes classified text ads in the classified section of its newspaper. It has an editorial approval policy and the ad must pass these before it is published. Some of the types of classified ads are real estate ads, name change ads, education ads, and recruitment ads. You can also include images and logos in your classified display ad.

Generate a High Response Rate

Unlike other forms of advertising, display ads are more expensive. However, they are highly effective. They generate a high response rate from the target demographic. Therefore, they are an ideal option for advertisements related to obituary ads, employment ads, name change, and real estate.


Ad rates for andhrajyothy  newspaper vary according to categories, city, and size of the ad. Hence, you will need to check ad rates before submitting your ad. Generally, the cost of running ad is based on the number of lines, the word limit, and the square centimeters of the ad space. You can choose from a variety of sizes and positions, including half page, full page, and quarter page. Moreover, there are a variety of designs and materials to choose from.


Online Portal

You can book your ad through an online portal that allows you to book your ad from the comfort of your home. Similarly, you can book your ad through a media agency that can offer you discounted prices and handle the whole process for you.

Invoice for Payment

When you book your ad, you will get an invoice for payment. You can choose to pay by credit cards, debit cards, or via net banking. Moreover, if you are booking an ad through an online portal, you can see the status of your ad on your screen while drafting. You will also be able to view the ad once it is published.


There are several classified advertising agencies available in India. Several of them offer package deals, but you can also opt to purchase your ad separately. You can book your andhrajyothy  ad online through Buymediaspace, a leading booking portal. Using this service, you can easily book your ad and receive an auto generated invoice. You can choose the desired location and size of the ad and you can also choose to pay by credit card or debit card.

Matrimonial Ads

Among the most popular types of classified ads are Matrimonial Ads, recruitment Ads, property for sale Ads, and obituary Ads. These ads can be printed in black and white or color. Besides, these ads can be customized with your company logos.

Youtube channel

ABN andhrajyothy Youtube channel is a must see for those with a taste for all things Indian. The Telugu news channel is a one stop shop for everything and anything in the Telugu lexicon. Its YouTube channel is a hit with subscribers numbering in the hundreds. Its flagship news program is a must watch for those who take their politics seriously. ABN andhrajyothy Facebook page is also a great place to be in the know. Its social media pages boast a plethora of interesting tidbits.

Twitter and Instagram Accounts to Boot

The channel has a Twitter and Instagram accounts to boot. The channel is helmed by veteran journalist Priscilla Gopala. ABN andhrajyothy YouTube channel has earned a solid A grade from the FCC. Despite a number of controversies in the past, the ABN andhrajyothy remains a staunch defender of Indian culture. Its Twitter and Instagram accounts are a hit with subscribers numbering in the thousands.


Overall rating

ABN AndhraJyothy is a Telugu news channel with a cult following in the state. AndhraJyothy has been around since 2009 and is a joint venture between Aamoda Publications and Andhra Pradesh Television. The Telugu media conglomerate owns a healthy share of the local market. During the course of the year, ABN AndhraJyothy boasts of having the most number of TV viewers of all the local channels.

Andhrajyothy’s Slick Newsroom

AndhraJyothy’s slick newsroom is a veritable gold mine of stories and gossip. Earlier this week, it was also spotted that the Telugu media juggernaut has a new addition in the form of ABN AJ Live TV. Touted as the flagship product of the ABN Group, ABN AJ is the largest regional Telugu channel in the country. Its most notable competitor is NTV.

Teething  Issues

Having said that, there are still some teething  issues to be ironed out. The ABN AJ may be on the cutting edge when it comes to Telugu TV but its tepid coverage means that the company is missing out on all of the big and small fish. Similarly, its fumbles with ad rates have seen the likes of local celebrities scurrying for the green light. The ABN AJ brand may be worth a closer look if it has been a primarystay for you for the past few years

Telugu entertainment

If you need a quick fix of the local Telugu entertainment, you are more than welcome to drop by the ABN AJ andhrajyothy office for a chat and a few beers. Of course, if you can’t make it to the AJ office, you can always drop by one of its many local franchises.

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