Amion Login – Physician Scheduling Software

Amion Login – Physician Scheduling Software

Amion login is a physician scheduling and messaging software that allows physicians to communicate with their colleagues. It may used by over 250,000 healthcare professionals worldwide.

The software is available on the web and mobile app. This article will cover the amion login process for both iOS and Android devices.

Amion Login Mobile App

The Amion mobile app allows staff to view schedules, sync work schedules to their personal calendars, submit special requests, swap shifts online, and receive alerts for schedule changes. Amion has partnered with Doximity, the professional network for physicians, to provide this platform on iOS and Android.

Widely Adopted by Hospitals

Amion is a physician scheduling solution that may widely adopted by hospitals of all sizes. It provides a HIPAA-compliant platform where care teams can access and update their on-call schedules and send pages, texts, and documents. Amion also offers a dedicated phone line feature that enables patients to call one number and leave a voice message, which may automatically delivered to the on-call physician for that department or specialty.

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Communications Solution

OnPage’s mobile app is built on the Amion login platform to provide healthcare organizations with an integrated communications solution that enables on-call physicians and caregivers to communicate directly with patients. This gives patients and their loved ones direct access to on-call physicians via one phone number, eliminating the need for hospital operators or call centers.

Doximity Account

To start using Amion, download the Amion app from your preferred store or use a mirror link to install it on your device. Once downloaded, tap the two buttons on the center of the screen to join or sign in. If you’re not a Doximity member, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address and password for your Doximity account.

Amion Login Web Portal

Amion’s web portal is a great way to view on-call schedules from any device. The software allows you to see all of your on-call information in one place and provides a variety of features that help make it easier for care teams to coordinate and collaborate. It includes a customizable dashboard, time off and schedule management, and alerts and reminders.

Offers a Suite of Productivity Tools

Amion is a top-rated cloud-based solution that enables physicians and their support staff to manage scheduling in real-time. It helps teams manage shifts, trade shifts, page their colleagues, and stay connected on the go. Amion also offers a suite of productivity tools to help reduce stress and boost efficiency.

CB Insights’ Expert Collections

Amion login was included in CB Insights’ Expert Collections, which includes 2 collections of the best products in their categories. It is a great way to show buyers your software’s best qualities and get in front of the right people. The list features Amion, QGenda, Shift Administrators, DocASAP, and many more.

Amion Login for Enterprises

Amion is a physician and hospital-wide scheduling and messaging tool that helps administrations post and manage schedules for their staff, residents and attending physicians. It also offers a messaging application that buzzes discretely for reminders, helping its customers to save time and provide better patient care.

Provides a Web-Based App and Mobile App

The company provides a web-based app and mobile app, which allows users to access their schedules and make calls and pages to their on-call teams, all through their smartphone. Its apps are available for iOS and Android devices.


Doximity, a networking platform for healthcare professionals, has acquired on-call physician scheduling and messaging app Amion login for $53.5 million. The deal is expected to close in April, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

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AMION manages nearly 200,000 physician schedules at thousands of hospitals. Doximity plans to integrate Amion with its network of medical professionals, providing a solution for HIPAA-compliant communication.

Enables Amion Subscribers

This integration, which enables Amion subscribers to use their Doximity credentials to access their Amion schedules on the mobile App, is available free for seven days to all Amion customers. The integration offers real-time alerts and notifications based on Amion’s schedules, as well as an option to send messages from the Doximity app.

Coordinate Coverage and Instantly Exchange Patient Notes

The integration also supports Amion’s HIPAA-compliant messaging capabilities, enabling verified physicians to coordinate coverage and instantly exchange patient notes and other documents with Amion login users on the App, without having to leave their Amion schedules.

Ability to Receive a Variety of  High-Priority

OnPage’s integration with Amion login also gives providers the ability to receive a variety of high-priority, critical notifications. These notifications can include shift changes, a patient’s status change, and other emergency situations.

IT Support Arrangements

AMION had outgrown its previous IT support arrangements and, to keep pace with its growing business, it needed to invest in a reliable infrastructure that would enable its people to work more effectively and productively. The PC Support Group helped AMION to assess its existing IT and telecoms systems, identify areas for improvement.

It also supported AMION through a review of its cybersecurity arrangements as part of the renewal of its Cyber Essentials accreditation, and managed a move to more secure SharePoint file sharing.

Amion login for groups

Amion is a healthcare scheduling software that allows physicians, hospitals and other medical providers to schedule their patients, residents or coworkers. The app also allows users to track their daily activities, send out notifications and manage time off. The app is designed to improve patient safety and reduce medical errors.

Way to Save Money

The Amion login is also a great way to save money by improving efficiency, reducing costs and eliminating paper clutter. With the latest version, users can view and edit their schedules from any device, anywhere.

Award-Winning On-Call Management Platform

Using the right tools, they can create the best possible schedules for their teams. The most important tidbit is that they can do this without compromising on the quality of service. Amion login for Enterprises is an award-winning on-call management platform.

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