Best Fun Things to Do With Your Kids

Best Fun Things to Do With Your Kids

One of the most enjoyable things to do with your children is to listen to nature sounds. This is a fun activity that can be done at night or during the day. In addition to listening to sounds from nature, you can also play games like freeze tag or hike up Mount Bonnell.

Imaginary Pets are Fun

Imaginary pets can be an engaging way to spend time with children. These imaginary friends can take on many forms, from animals with different appearances to imaginary pets that are mythical. Kids can create their own animal characters and describe them in drawings. Using this creative outlet, kids can exercise their creativity while extending their boundaries and learning about animals and the world around them.

Child’s Imaginary Friends

While some parents may be uncomfortable with this process, experts say that interacting with their child’s imaginary friend is completely normal. In addition, parents should be supportive of their child’s imaginary friends and not make them feel uncomfortable. It’s okay to ask your child questions about his or her imaginary friend and respond to their responses. However, it’s important not to initiate conversations, which can make your child feel awkward.

Hiking up Mount Bonnell

One of the best ways to enjoy a beautiful Austin sunset is to hike up Mount Bonnell. The park is free to enter and open daily from 5 a.m. until sunset. The hike begins with an information kiosk and ends at the top of the mountain. The hike will involve climbing steps and gravel trails. The elevation gain is about 200 feet.

Panoramic Views

From the summit of Mount Bonnell, you can enjoy panoramic views of Austin, Lake Austin, and the river. The hike takes about 30 minutes and is 0.3 miles long. The climb is moderately difficult and requires a good amount of fitness. Depending on the number of people in your group, this hike may not be suitable for younger children.

Playing Freeze Tag

It’s easy to learn and fast-paced. It also helps children develop social skills, gross motor skills, and self-control. This activity also helps kids learn how to work in a team.


How to Play

The best way to play freeze tag is with a group of at least 4 players. One player is chosen to be ‘It’, and the others try to avoid being “tagged” by Mr. Freeze. There are boundary lines that define each team’s playing area. When a player steps outside the boundary line, he or she is “frozen” and must sit out for one round.

Creating a ‘Boredom Jar’

There are many different activities you can use to combat listlessness and boredom, and you can choose ones that suit your child’s interests. You can even create a family meeting and decide together what you will do. Depending on your child’s age and interests, you can even turn the boredom jar into a mini-project..

Creating a Sock Puppet

If you are looking for fun activities to do with your kids, creating a sock puppet is one of the best options. It is a quick and easy craft to make and is very versatile. You can use felt, wool, or any other crafty bits to create different kinds of puppets.

How to Create

The materials you will need are basic. You’ll need a pair of socks and some construction paper. Your child can draw on the construction paper to make a body for the puppet. Once the body is complete, have your child place his or her hand inside the bag, and move his fingers up and down the flap part to make the mouth.

Creating a Musical Instrument for a Child

Making your child’s own musical instrument is an excellent way to introduce them to the musical world. Creating your own instrument can be more economical than buying one from a store. You can start by showing your child pictures of various musical instruments and explaining how they work. If you have a creative child, you can even teach your child to build his or her own instrument.

Making Car Noises

Making car noises with your kids is a fun activity that can help kids learn about the world around them. They can point to the sound that they hear, describe it, or sing old favorites and nursery rhymes. You can even use a wooden spoon as a microphone. You can also use this activity to teach your kids the names of household items, furniture, and TV shows.


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