Guerrilla Forex Trading – Learn How to Trade Forex Safely

Guerrilla Forex Trading – Learn How to Trade Forex Safely

Guerrilla Trading offers a variety of tools and resources for traders looking to improve their trading skills. They include an advisory platform, education, and a community. The website also features daily trade forecasts and recaps. These insights may provided by industry professionals with decades of experience.

Guerrilla Trading

Guerrilla trading focuses on technical analysis to predict market moves. Using tools such as a moving average and oscillator, guerrilla traders can determine the best time to enter a position. These indicators help traders to identify trends and oversupply. Ultimately, they aim to limit their losses and trade only those positions that have a reasonable risk.

Money Management Skills

A successful guerrilla trader has discipline and strict money management skills. He knows the value of his money and is able to make a decision quickly and without emotion. He should also have a strict stop loss in place to prevent losing money. While this may seem counterintuitive, trading without a stop loss can reduce a trader’s net profit by about $ 375. A successful guerrilla trader also understands the importance of risk capital. He has the financial means to invest a large sum, but only a small amount for each trade.

Guerrilla Trading Strategy

Guerrilla trading uses technical analysis to determine when to enter the market. Using various indicators on the 1-minute chart, guerrilla traders are able to predict future price movements. For example, using the moving average, oscillator, or other indicators, guerrilla traders can determine when a trend is in place, or if oversupply or overdemand exists.

Short-Term Trading Style

A guerrilla trading strategy is a short-term trading style that aimed at generating small profits with minimal risk per trade. This strategy involves making several small transactions within a trading session. It is suitable for experienced investors with the time and resources to invest in small transactions. Because it is short-term, guerrilla traders are rarely involved in longer-term trades.

Guerrilla Trading Vs Scalping

Guerrilla trading is a style of trading that focuses on making quick profits with small positions. It requires a high frequency of trades and multiple, small ‘wins’. Unlike scalping, which involves placing a large number of trades at a time, guerrilla trading relies on a large number of small positions.


The main advantage of guerrilla trading is that it is much faster than scalping and generally has a lower holding period. However, it is much slower than high-frequency trading, which is often done by algorithms. So a scalper who is faster can switch over to guerrilla trading.

Guerrilla Trading Vs Contrarian Trading

When comparing guerrilla trading versus contrarian trading, the primary difference between the two strategies is risk. While guerrilla trading involves high frequency of trading and small profits, it also requires higher risk aversion. In order to be profitable in a short period of time, guerrilla traders must disciplined and avoid chasing losses. In addition, they must establish a stop/loss point and profit target. Finally, they must calculate the risk-reward ratio of a particular investment. Traders who achieve four green ticks for every two red ones will be well on their way to making a handy profit.


Technical Analysis

Guerrilla traders rely heavily on technical analysis to time their trades. This means they must adept at using 1-minute and tick charts to determine entry and exit points. Their success is also dependent on tight trading spreads and low commissions. However, guerrilla traders are generally not recommended for new traders because they run the risk of losing their risk capital in a short period of time.

Guerrilla Trading Vs a Bond Trader

Guerrilla trading is a strategy used by experienced traders to make small profits in multiple transactions. This strategy can automated with software, but it requires a lot of time and observation to make it successful. In this style of trading, the trader monitors the charts and looks for triggers. The trader must also manually execute each trade. However, guerrilla trading is not for everyone, and it is not recommended for passive income.

Guerrilla Trading Forum

The Guerrilla Trading forum is the place where traders can share ideas and strategies, and learn from the experiences of others. It also has an interactive backtesting system that lets you compare your trades against those of other members. This feature makes Guerrilla Trading unique. Not only is this a great resource for learning, but it can also be a great source of motivation as well.

Expert Mentoring Program

In addition to the educational content on the Guerrilla Trading forum, the forum also offers an expert mentoring program. The founders of Guerrilla Trading are former traders themselves and understand the difficulties new traders face when learning to trade. They make the learning experience as interesting and as informative as possible for the students. Many of the students have been able to leave the traditional 9-5 lifestyles to pursue forex trading. For many of these individuals, forex trading has provided financial freedom and more time to enjoy their lives.

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