Oracle UPK Alternatives – What Are Your Best Options?

Oracle UPK Alternatives – What Are Your Best Options?

If you’re looking for Oracle UPK alternatives, you’ve come to the right place. WhatFix offers all of the same functionality that Oracle UPK has, but is much easier to use. It even offers a free trial version. Moreover, it has great reviews from users who have already used the program.


Datango is an easy-to-use performance support solution that helps companies introduce new processes and applications to employees. It empowers end users and improves the productivity of programs and projects. It works with existing UPK content and adds new features and functionality without requiring extra development time or material repetition. It also integrates with learning management systems and provides comprehensive reporting.

Integrate 3rd Party Analytics Tools

Its analytics tool provides in-depth data about user behavior. It also allows you to integrate 3rd party analytics tools for better data insights. Moreover, it helps you create a proactive context-sensitive help section. Moreover, it also offers a self-help widget that is available 24 hours a day and lists different types of content.

Enterprise Applications

With the discontinuation of Oracle UPK, many customers are now looking for alternatives. Whatfix offers end-to-end performance support for enterprise applications and helps enterprises standardize system processes and embrace change. With these features, Whatfix is a great choice for enterprises.


With Oracle’s recent announcement that it will discontinue support for Oracle UPK, many customers have been searching for an alternative for their training and development needs. Oracle announced that it will stop making major feature releases for UPK after version 12.1 and has extended its Premier Support end date until December 2022. This is forcing clients to evaluate alternatives and develop migration strategies.


One such alternative is uPerform. Designed for eLearning and simulation development, uPerform is capable of replacing Oracle UPK. The uPerform solution includes object recognition and other features that make it an excellent alternative to UPK. It’s also subscription-based and enables you to reduce the time and money spent on development.

Retain all the Content

One of the reasons why an alternative is important is that Oracle has not yet developed a replacement product for Oracle UPK. This means that the software won’t receive security or compliance upgrades in the future. While it may not be up to organization standards, it will retain all the content.

Oracle UPK

SAP Enable Now

While the UPK provides in-application contextual help, Enable Now is more flexible. Its features include a desktop assistant for Windows applications and a web assistant for Fiori-based browser applications. It also offers full object recognition. It is available as a subscription-based service. It also has the ability to handle large UPK training databases.


Enable now also features rich formatting options. It is possible to enter text, apply basic font formatting, apply typographical emphases, and define character, paragraph, and block styles. You can also insert tables and bulleted lists. In addition, Enable Now supports HTML code.

Digital Guidance Platform

Another great alternative to Oracle UPK is Whatfix. This digital guidance platform provides context-aware, real-time, and autonomous guidance to enterprise application users. It replaces legacy Oracle UPK content and extends the performance support capabilities of Oracle Cloud. If you’re looking for a UPK replacement, it’s important to consider all your options before making a final decision. ITC can provide consulting services to help you choose the best solution for your business needs.

Epilogue Opus

If you are looking for a performance support system or tool for Oracle UPK, you’ve likely come across Epilogue Opus. This website offers two main alternatives: Oracle UPK and a drag-and-drop editor. Both are capable of handling the same types of content and can be easily updated by content developers. They are also compatible with existing UPK ODARC files, and can be loaded individually or in bulk. This makes them excellent for enterprise-level applications, and they support a company’s digital adoption strategy.

Electronic Performance Support System

The Oracle UPK is an electronic performance support system that is designed to improve productivity and user adoption. However, Oracle has recently announced that support for UPK will cease in 2022. As an alternative, Epilogue Opus provides a cloud-based Digital Adoption Solution to accelerate adoption of your organization’s applications. It eliminates the need for lengthy user onboarding processes and provides detailed analytics on user performance.

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