Use Resin Bound Pathway Surfacing to Transform Your Garden

Use Resin Bound Pathway Surfacing to Transform Your Garden

Resin bound surfacing is a great way to transform your garden into a tranquil retreat. It has many benefits, including low maintenance and a variety of aesthetic options. But before choosing the right surfacing, you should consider your budget and the type of garden you have.

Resin Bound Surfacing

When you’re looking to transform the look of your garden, resin bound pathway surfacing could be a great choice. This type of surface is durable, with a smooth finish. It also features a child-friendly rubber crumb that minimizes the risk of injuries from falls. Resin bound surfaces are also highly permeable, making them an environmentally friendly option. In addition, they can withstand a variety of temperatures and are resistant to wear and tear.

Benefits of Resin Bound Surfacing

Another advantage of resin-bound surfacing is that it requires very little maintenance. It is easy to clean, although leaves and other debris can cause staining. You should also avoid placing heavy loads or sharp objects on the surface. This material can last for years if it is properly maintained.

Professional Installation

Resin bound pathway surfacing is an excellent choice for new or existing pathways. It is also easy to install, but professional installation is recommended. Even though resin-bound pathways are easy to install, they should not be attempted by inexperienced DIYers. To ensure a top quality finish, it is essential to hire a professional installer.

Resin-Bound Surfaces

Aside from being durable, resin-bound surfaces can also look very attractive. It can be used as a patio, driveway, or pathway. The process involves mixing aggregates with a UV stabilised resin adhesive and then applying the mixture with a hand trowel. This surfacing type is considered to be better in terms of performance, as the resin covers the entire surface of the aggregates.

StoneSet of Lincolnshire

If you are looking for a high quality and low maintenance resin-bound surface, StoneSet of Lincolnshire can help you choose the right product for your garden. It is a SUDS-compliant paving solution and is made from sustainably sourced natural aggregate. It is durable and withstands high levels of rainfall. It is also cost-effective, making it a perfect choice for homes in the Lincolnshire area.

Process of Installing Resin-Bound Surfaces

Before installing resin-bound surfacing, you should consider the type of path you’d like to install. While it can transform your garden, the installation process will require a fair amount of prep work. In some cases, the installers will apply a primer on the concrete to improve its adhesion.


Resin-Bound Patios

Resin-bound patios are a great way to update your garden. Its a great alternative to decking and requires a solid sub-base for the best support. Resin-bound patios can overlaid on existing surfacing. These patios do not crack, sink, or swell and are easy to install. They also are anti-slip, which makes them a great choice for garden areas.


Resin-bound surfaces are SUDS-compliant and allow water to drain through.It means that if you experience a heavy rainfall, resin-bound pathways will soak up the water and able to return it to the water table. Because of this, the resin-bound pathways are durable and long-lasting and may withstand heavy usage.

Create an Eye-Catching Visual Effect

StoneSet’s Farmhouse Gold resin bound blend is an impressive choice. The contrasting shades in the paving mix create an eye-catching visual effect. This type of paving will make your garden look spectacular and will require minimal maintenance. You can transform your garden with resin bound paving.

Have Wide Range of Colours And Finishes

Resin-bound patios come in a wide range of colours and finishes, which makes it ideal for many different types of designs. Choose a colour that matches your existing landscaping and your style. The resin-bound surfacing will help create a unique outdoor space for your family and guests.

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